Biying couldn ’t bear this grievance and still had something to say: ”Miss …… ”

Ming Yuan laughed in anger, the pampered young lady that she was couldn ’t hold back her anger for a moment and had to win the battle of words, ”Do you really think you ’re some kind of big shot now?

After growing up, she became even more beautiful, her features became exquisite, she had a fair complexion and a bulging chest, and even her waistline was also very good. Her eyes appeared innocent and she looked overall delicate and pure. Even if she was not born with this face that could charm people, her body alone was already enough to make men fall head over heels for her.

Ming Yuan squeezed the handkerchief in her hand with force. She sneered and said mockingly, ”How many more days can you stay proud ? Weren ’t you kicked out by the crown prince back to the Ming family ? ”

Ming Zhu was speechless, ”How can you be so sure that I was kicked out? ”

Ming Yuan had a light laugh, ”Don ’t tell me you think your matters are very well hidden ? Who else in the capital doesn ’t know that you ’re an outside mistress kept by the crown prince ? ”

Ming Zhu remained silent.

Ming Yuan felt she had gained the upper hand and added, ”You can go and ask around about your current reputation and listen carefully to what outsiders are saying. They ’re saying that concubine-born daughters are vulgar, they can do anything, no matter how shameful, in order to get to the top. ”

The corners of Ming Zhu ’s mouth twitched, ”You aren ’t that much noble either. ”

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