Zhao Zhi very rarely saw her crying. The last time he had seen her in tears was the night she was carried by the Ming family in a sedan chair to Wangyue Pavilion. Eyes with a layer of water had looked at him pitifully, shedding tears as she said she was about to get married.

Back then, Zhao Zhi, whose heart turned soft for a moment, almost sent her back. He struggled a bit, but eventually, his wild desire for her prevailed above all else.

The small girl was crying sadly, so much so that she couldn ’t keep her eyes open because of the tears, and her small white hands were clutching his sleeve.

Zhao Zhi ’s heart felt like it was clutched, he frowned without saying a word, the corners of his mouth slowly dropped down and his mood sank all of a sudden.

He gently cupped her wet, flushed face in his hands, sighed lowly in a compromising sort of way, and asked softly, ”How long do you want to go back for? ”

Ming Zhu was stunned for a few seconds, her eyes were wide-open, appearing silly as a hint of shock passed through them. She sniffled through her reddish nose, her small face was soft and her expression slightly uneasy, ”Ten days. ”

After saying this number, she slowly raised her eyes to look at him and her tone was careful, ”Is that okay? ”

Zhao Zhi held her wrist, he remained silent, in deep thought. His expression appeared serious, but he didn ’t look cold and frosty as usual, on the contrary his expression appeared as if spring came to melt the ice and snow.

Ten days was really too long, the words of refusal were on the tip of his tongue, but when he lowered his eyes, he saw the small girl staring expectantly at him, and he couldn ’t bear to refuse.

Ming Zhu ’s head was a little dizzy after crying, she got a little tired, she just wanted to sleep. She said in a nice tone: ”In just ten days, it will be the New Year, I want to pass the New Year there and come back after the 30th. ”

Every year, Zhao Zhi had to stay in the palace for the New Year, and was never able to come to the other residence before the Lantern Festival.

Zhao Zhi looked at her reddened eyes, and in the end, he could not bear it, his heart softened, he said, ”Take Biying with you. ”

”Alright. ”

Having achieved her goal, Ming Zhu didn ’t want to stay any longer in the study, ”Then Ming Zhu won ’t disturb His Highness much longer. ”

Zhao Zhi quietly looked at her twice, but did not say anything, and ordered someone to escort her back.

The table ’s white-colored lotus seed soup had turned a little cold, Zhao Zhi picked up the spoon and took a sip, an overly-sweet taste entered his mouth.

The maidservant who was waiting outside the study to serve tea and water looked at Ming Zhu, who had already left, with new eyes, deeply impressed.

These days, among those who were smart, all could feel that the crown prince was in a bad mood, and that it probably had something to do with miss Ming Zhu.

The crown prince didn ’t eat lotus seeds, even during palace banquets, he didn ’t touch them. Also, she could clearly see that miss Ming Zhu didn ’t come to regain her favor, but because she had a request to make and thus couldn ’t help but come to him.

When even the maidservant was able to see through things, how could the crown prince not be able to see it? She had thought that miss Ming Zhu had angered His Highness and had come, ready to suffer, to beg for forgiveness. But the result left her stunned.

It seemed that miss Ming Zhu was still favored in the end, but a flower couldn ’t stay red for a hundred days, let ’s wait for the side consort to marry into the residence, and see how long she could still thrive without fail.

Late at night, Ming Zhu couldn ’t fall asleep. She was already lying down but then she got up again, checked her treasure chest, and gathered all the jewelry she wanted to exchange for money.

Tomorrow morning, she would be able to return to the Ming family. Ten days was enough time for her to do a lot of things.

Today, when Ming Zhu shed tears in front of Zhao Zhi, half of them were true tears and half of them were fake, as she began crying, she really started to feel sad.

She herself did not expect that Zhao Zhi would relent and actually agree to let her go back. Before, she never dared to cry in front of him, for fear of annoying him, so she never knew that crying was actually so useful.

Biying waited until she couldn ’t hear any sound inside, to gingerly enter the room. She looked twice towards the bed, ”Miss? ”

Biying called gently two more times. There was no response, the miss had likely fallen asleep. She blew out the two lamps on the sides of the bed, got out of the room and immediately went to the study.

Zhao Zhi stood in front of the desk, his posture was as straight as a pine. His eyes were lowered as he quietly practiced his calligraphy. His ink handwriting stained the paper, every stroke was sharp and awe-inspiring.

Biying kept her head low, ”The miss these days… is eating well and sleeping well, there ’s nothing unusual. ”

Although Biying was Ming Zhu ’s maidservant, but she was also someone that Zhao Zhi arranged to be at her side and thus she could also be considered a spy. Every move and action, and even any word that she may have said, she had to report everything.

Biying added, ”The miss seems to like the jewelry Your Highness gifted her, these days, when she ’s not reading books, she ’s checking her hairpins. ”

The man ’s face was hidden in the dim light and his expression was uncertain, ”Hmm. ”

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