Ming Zhu knew that Zhao Zhi was prideful and haughty, the anger he felt towards her because she used multiple times false excuses to reject him would hardly dispel for a while. If he didn ’t come to see her anymore because of this, that was even better.

The servants clasped their tongue in wonder, miss Ming Zhu was really able to endure, she was given the cold treatment and yet she still didn ’t fret nor panic. His Highness didn ’t come to her and yet she still didn ’t take the initiative to go over. This was called being spoiled until she didn ’t know the height of the sky and the depth of the earth.

This one in Wangyue Pavilion was living a good life, but others weren ’t having it so good. Every day, they would be cautious when doing anything, not daring to make a single mistake, afraid that they would be the unlucky one.

Chapter 21


Two days before the New Year, Ming Zhu, carrying a lotus seed soup made by Biying, took the initiative to go to the study to look for Zhao Zhi.

When Zhao Zhi heard the report, the brush he held in his hand paused, ”Let her in. ”

He lowered his eyes and thought silently, although she came a little late, but she still learned to submit and come beg him, there was some progress.

She calmly placed the lotus seed soup in front of him, ”Your Highness, this is soup made by the small kitchen, you try it. ”

Zhao Zhi didn ’t move and listened attentively to what she was going to say next.

Ming Zhu also did not beat around the bush, she met his gaze and said directly, ”It ’s almost the New Year, I came to ask you for a favor, as I mentioned to you last time, I would like to go home for a visit. ”

Zhao Zhi drew up a weak smile, ”Just this? ”

Ming Zhu stared blankly. Huh? What else could there be?


Ming Zhu checked cautiously Zhao Zhi ’s expression with her eyes and chose her words carefully as she said, in a soft tone: ”Your Highness, it ’s just a small matter, you ’ll agree to it, right ? ”

Zhao Zhi remained silent for a moment as the silver moonlight coming through the window frame reflected on his cold face.

Ming Zhu had a meek nature. In front of him, she mostly displayed an obedient and pitiful look. She didn ’t even dare say too many words to him, and regarding some matters, whether she was willing or unwilling, she would just nod and say yes.

She had a shy disposition and was both timid and weak. However, it was really rare to see her act coquettishly to curry favor.

But this hit his inverted scale and he absolutely didn ’t want to give her his permission. The life she led in the Ming family was far worse than the life she led in Wangyue Pavilion, and the words she said hardly convinced him.

Moreover, Zhao Zhi was well aware that her former fiancé, with whom she used to be engaged to, was still in love with her now. If he really let her go back, there was no guarantee that those two people wouldn ’t have another encounter again.

If those two people met, even if the only thing they did was take a glance at each other, without saying a single word, Zhao Zhi was still unwilling.

He had the desire to monopolize Ming Zhu, a desire that he didn ’t feel towards anyone else, and he didn ’t like the gaze others used to look at her.

”No. ”

When Ming Zhu heard this word, the breath that was held in her chest immediately burst. She endured her grievance, but her eyes turned red and watery, ”Your Highness, I …… ”

She had just started speaking.

When the man took a few steps forward, the scent of clean and cold soap accompanying him, ”I said no. ”

Ming Zhu rarely asked anything of him, and Zhao Zhi rarely said no to her. Most of the time, she was in Wangyue Pavilion living peaceful and quiet days, according to his arrangement.

Ming Zhu froze before slowly returning to her senses. To be honest, she didn ’t know why Zhao Zhi wouldn ’t let her go back to the Ming family for a few days, just like she never understood why Zhao Zhi never allowed her to go out and show her face to others.

Ming Zhu would not be defeated by these two ”no ”, she gritted her teeth and moved closer to him, silently leaning into his arms and reaching out to wrap her arms around his waist, she whispered softly, ”I haven ’t been outside for a long time, I really feel a bit lonely. ”

These words wasn ’t her acting a role, but rather they came from the bottom of her heart.

Being locked ten days or half a month was still okay, but past a year and a half, it was really suffocating and depressing. Even the canary raised in the cage should be released to let it feel the wind, not to mention her, who was a living person.

Ming Zhu clung to him, the air emitting from his body seemed to be cold and icy, like white snow.

Zhao Zhi ’s body stiffened and looked down at the person in his arms, ”Don ’t act spoiled. ”

Ming Zhu ’s heart was distressed, if she couldn ’t go out, she couldn ’t find a way to get silver, and she also couldn ’t plan an escape route.

She didn ’t want to die a second time, and even less die at the hands of Zhao Zhi.

There was nothing in this world that was more heartbreaking than being killed by the person you love. Every time she thought about it even once, the gut-wrenching pain wouldn ’t dispel even after a long time.

Ming Zhu hugged him with her hot cheeks pressed against his collar, her eyes were two red circles, looking sore and swollen as cold and clear water droplets slowly fell down the corners of her eyes, her voice was muffled with a slight sobbing tone as she said, ”Your Highness, please let me go back home once. ”

She was born with a fair complexion and when she cried, it was like rain falling on pear blossoms, she looked absolutely ravishing. As her eyelashes fluttered and the tip of her nose reddened, she appeared delicate and yet pitiful.

Tears soaked the corners of her eyes, like melted ice and snow. Crystal-clear drops dripped on her cheeks.

Zhao Zhi lightly frowned and for a moment couldn ’t say any harsh words. His collar was half-wet, and when his fingers touched her face, what he felt was also a wet trail of water.

The young girl cried without making a sound, a few low sobs only occasionally came out from her throat, she looked soft and tender and made people want to cherish her.

Zhao Zhi wiped her face with his handkerchief, ”Don ’t cry. ”

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