Today he had already made an exception and returned to her her unruly maidservant.

Ming Zhu turned pale, she knew that Zhao Zhi would not agree so easily. However, she was not discouraged by Zhao Zhi ’s cold voice, if it didn ’t work today, then she would mention it again another day.

Perhaps, Zhao Zhi, this person could be won over with softness and if she had a good attitude, she could somehow manage to earn an opportunity once or twice to go out.

In her last life, Ming Zhu was too obedient, her temperament was timid, and she never dared to rebel against him, nor did she dare to get too close. She would act coquettishly and try to please him and that lead to her being obediently trapped in this small courtyard for five years.

The corners of Ming Zhu ’s eyes reddened, she looked both charming and pitiful, and at the same time, delicate and delicious. Her pitch black eyes shone like glass beads, beautiful and clean.

Zhao Zhi was standing by the window, the begonia tree outside the window frame complemented the exquisiteness of his face. He stared at her downcast eyes and stared at her expression, before he let out a sigh, as if he couldn ’t bear it. His fingers loosened and he gently rubbed them over her eyes, ”The hour is not early, go take a bath before resting. ”

Ming Zhu clenched her fingertips and made a low ”Mmh. ”

The bathtub behind the screen had already been filled with hot water and the water was covered with a thick layer of flower petals. The vapor formed clouds which blurred the sight. Ming Zhu was leaning against the bathtub, her white body hidden under the surface of the water. She bathed for a long time, stalling time. It wasn ’t until she had no choice but to come out that she finally dried her body and put on her dress.

She walked out from behind the screen barefoot, she looked white and rosy, as if she had put on light peach blossom inspired makeup. Her long and smooth hair like silk lazily spread out on her back, framing and making her face look smaller.

The man was sitting in front of the desk, the lights of the candles illuminating his calm profile. He was holding a book in his hand, his eyes lowered, when he heard a movement. Then he slowly raised his eyelids and glanced towards her. After a few seconds, the knot of his throat slid up and down, ”Put your socks on. ”

Ming Zhu ’s toes were round and absolutely adorable.

She usually didn ’t like to wear socks after bathing, and also didn ’t wear shoes. She was used to walk directly on the newly laid carpet with bare feet, she didn ’t find it dirty nor did she feel cold. A young girl would feel shy when someone looks at her feet. Even if that person is the one she is intimate with.

Ming Zhu nervously shrank her toes, climbed into the bed and hid under the covers.

Zhao Zhi slowly stood up, raised his hand to pick up the lampshade that he used to cover the candlestick. Instantly, the candlelight was extinguished. He then slowly walked to the bed and sat down at the head of the bed, holding in his hand a pair of clean socks.

”Give me your feet. ”

Ming Zhu shook her head, ”It ’s not comfortable to sleep with socks on. ”

Zhao Zhi lowered his head in silence as his cold fingers burrowed into the covers. He took hold of her ankles and without using too much force yanked them out. He then put her small feet on his lap and put on them a pair of white socks.

Ming Zhu was upset in her heart and had quite a few grievances, but she didn ’t dare to blatantly kick off the socks in front of him.

Zhao Zhi stood up again and without hurry, untied his belt, took off his outer clothes, and then blew out the two lanterns at the bedside.

The man ’s fingertips, which were slightly calloused, rubbed the back of her neck before landing on her slim, thin back, gently soothing her slightly trembling body, ” Stop shaking, let ’s sleep now. ”

Ming Zhu really couldn ’t handle him. The next day, she again slept well past the hour. The sun was shining hot when she finally emerged from her sleep. She was very hungry and she ate two bowls of porridge before she barely got some strength back.

Ming Zhu these days had a rosy complexion, her face looked soaked with soft and hot spring. She originally looked beautiful, but now it felt like she became even more beautiful, when people looked at her, whether she was frowning or smiling, they couldn ’t take their eyes away.

Biying told her that the crown prince had left Wangyue Pavilion this morning, and after finishing her sentence, she added, ”I wonder if His Highness will still come over in the next few days. ”

If the crown prince became engaged in the future, he would certainly come to Wangyue Pavilion less often.

Biying couldn ’t help but take a look at miss Ming Zhu. She saw that her expression appeared normal and couldn ’t help but to admire her for her ability to remain calm. On the other hand, she felt that it was a pity, miss Ming Zhu was much prettier than miss Ming Ru and her personality was also much better than miss Ming Ru. Except for her humble status, which aspect of her wasn ’t better than miss Ming Ru ?

However, His Highness placed the greatest importance on etiquette and social status.

On this point, miss Ming Zhu lost.

Ming Zhu had nothing to do, so she began to count her small treasury. She was a bit embarrassed, the only money she had was twenty taels. This money wasn ’t even enough to cover the expenses to travel all the way to Jiangnan.

Ming Zhu looked at the few pieces of silver on the table and sighed, from the first time she escaped with Ah Rou and was caught back, Zhao Zhi never gave her a penny of silver. He usually rewarded her with precious treasures that were not useful.

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