It was infuriating, even thrilling for the criminologist as he had excpected this already but was a bit shaky due to the fact he had brought along a girl who was unprepared or thats at least what he thought.

”I know you
e here come out! ”

Renjun growled calling out to the supposed killer.

”whats the fun in that captain keep finding me! ”

A manic voice of man was heard who laughed . It was competition, a thrill for which Renjun lived, just like solving mystery ran through the veins of young male.

”The police has surrounded the area more than 6 trained investigators are in this building you have no chance to escape ”

renjun pointed his gun at the murder whom he had been trying to pin point all the time he was busy distracting.

”uh oh..well just have to say that beware, next can be one of you..or maybe that sweet lady next to you ”

Renjun confirmed his angle right before shooting the bullet straight through the corner of wall.

His painful groan was heard. He was successful in injuring the man.

”its over give up ”

He was surrounded, no place to escape best case scenario the killer was getting caught, resulting in closure of case happy ending for all.

But it was more than that Renjun was sure that it would never be that easy to catch a criminal like him.

hearing renjuns words he chuckled

”For you it is ”

he winked showing the detonator from his bleeding arm.


curse left through seohyuns mouth just as she became aware to his intentions.

Renjuns first priority being the protection of the girl beside him, he grabbed her hand firmly running for their safety.

”Adios captain,gorgeous lady! ”

His maniac screams were heard before the bomb which he had placed in the elevator detonated creating a horrible explosion.

Black smoke filled the air, flames of fire where the explosion took place reached till end of stairs.

Renjun coughed out as his air passageway restricted from the smoke.

Taking a look at the girl next to him who laid on the ground with hands supporting her to sit up. Thankfully they had prevented severe injuries.

Dialing emergency number he called the senior inspector of their department, jaemin.

”Jaemin we need assistance asap! ”

Renjun coughed ”holy shit! That area just had a major blast and you
e alive! ” He shouted making renjun scoff. Everyone downstairs were wonders truck and dumb founded at the sudden explosion which had taken place the same place the head investigator and forensic expert had went couple of minutes before.

it wasn a coincidence, of course.

”unfortunately jaem…now send someone ”

He looked down at seohyun examining her carefully

”ms park you okay? ” He inquired

”yeah..thank you except for the fact I can breathe ” she coughed out as the smoke filled the place making the two of them almost unable to to breathe in oxygen required.

”Lets head out ” he suggested knowing if they stayed longer it would make her condition worse.

The instant she got up a squeal left her lips and bent down in pain. with a worried expression renjun stared at her ankle which had been injured due to the explosive fragments.

”you have injured your ankle ”

”thanks didn notice there cap ” she sneered in a obvious tone almost teasing him.

”There is a reason why i work alone ” he muttered taking a deep breath. He hated it, having a weakness, having to protect someone all the while working.

”Don move Ill pick you up we need to get down right now before fire spreads killing us both ”

Moving forwards carefully he approached her seohyun was aware of the bullet which had gazed the man beforehand before she could even point it out renjun picked her up hissing in process for he had injured his hand protecting the girl.

”Now, aren you a gentleman ” she muttered making him chuckle

”Ill throw you ” he replied walking down the stairs.

And let me tell you that was not easy when there were 4 flights of stairs an injured bleeding hand and a girl to carry

reaching downstairs renjun placed the girl in the emergency medic van where the rest gathered shortly.

”Damn! are you guys okay!? ” Jeno asked worried seeing the two in a rough state

ignoring the question renjun focused on the investigation.

”Tell me the status chenle ” renjun asked as the senior staff of crime department was gathered while he was gonna get a good 5-6 stitches on his arm due to the graze.

Seohyun had her leg patched up.

”After the explosion the crime scene was also destroyed the body is no where to be found. all the traces, everything is blown by the small blast that took place ” he reported as chenle by the help of jisung had collected information as soon as they reached.

Renjun hissed in pain feeling the needle prick his arm ”god damn it! how did you manage to get hurt anyways? ” Jaemin asked worried about him seeing getting stiched up.

”The elevator got stuck and we had to stop at 4th floor, we found ace there. He threatened to kill us and renjun told us that we need to run. surprising! how we actually survived ”

seohyun explained

”It was quite obvious i shouldve know better…sorry for risking your life there ” renjun said gritting his teeth due to pain. He knew there were risks , misfortune followed him everywhere. He was ready to face them, but putting seohyun in danger was the least of his intentions.

”Thank you for saving me ”

seohyun was grateful enough that he had saved her life back there without hesitating once. He was indeed a Gentleman

”So urm both of your life is in danger now? ” Jisung asked.

”Ill be fine ” renjun was confident enough to handle these tiny threats and treated it like it was nothing special. as soon as the bandage was done he got up to grab his jacket.

”Oh and seohyun if you need assistance with police tell me Ill contact them ”

”Why do you keep disappearing? ” Seohyun asked. He always tended to leave mid conversation as she had noticed in a few days. making him raise his brow

”i have things to do and if you
e going to interrupt me i will gladly give all the paper work under your assistance ”

”pfft you wouldn ” she shrugged thinking he was bluffing trying to scare her

”Oh he definitely would ” chenle shivered getting flashbacks. He was a cruel man.

”i would ” He gave a scary look making her chuckle nervously

”Have nice evening cap ” she bowed indicating him to leave.

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