6:35 am

The digits read rolling over the side renjun groaned about having the thought of waking up, yet again.

The warmth of sheets leaving as he now, faced the cold air of the room. Shivering instantly at the dropping weather of his room he gritted his teeth. The harsh coldness made him wonder why did she adore the winter season to the point he could practically imagine her smiling wrapped in his blankets, her thoughts stirring up the second he opened his eyes.

With a sigh he turned the TV on. Switching to news channel making his morning coffee.

”Choi taejoon, owner of one of the biggest foreign exchanges in seoul was found dead this morning, police has yet to give a statement this was park yoora from seoul 247 stay safe ”

The headlines of the morning making him Curse in his mother tongue. He quickly alerted all of the investigators as it was obvious who this case was going to once again.

He hated it today for some reason, a bad feeling settling in his stomach, a feeling that something unusually bad was going to take place.


Renjun hurriedly reported at the crime scene which happened to be a 13 floored building. Seeing a familiar face he felt some what relieved to have started the investigation as soon as possible.

”ms park you
e early ”

he approached the girl who was rather surprised to see him this early at the crime scene. She had taken him as a person who arrived later, she was impressed to see their HOD working hard.

”Just reached mr huang ”

The two silently walked inside the elevator as the murder had taken place at the 5th floor which was supposed to be the office of victim.

stepping inside a weird aura filled the area renjun felt as if something was wrong, everything going smoothly which was a red flag.

Normally, he would face at least once obstacle before reporting to a crime scene whether it be his car in an accident or him losing something.

as if his prayers were heard the elevator stopped with a thud making him chuckle.

He had excepted it or rather he was happy at the fact an obstacle occurred making sure that his gut feeling was nothing but true. Seohyun was obviously pissed at the fact they were held back.

Pressing the buttons nothing seemed to work

she let an irritated sigh.

”looks like we
e stuck ”

her remark made the older male let out a small chuckle resonating the area.

”oh no shit sherlock ”

he threw a sarcastic reply with an expressionless face. His deep brown eyes glaring down at her.


”This is quite cliche if i may add miss seohyun are you perhaps claustrophobic? ”

He asked making her roll eyes at him. She knew what he was referring to. Those movies scenes where the main leads are trapped inside the lift and one of them has a panic attack.

”No mr huang, i am not claustrophobic ” she mocked his tone making him nod

”good ”

With a shake the elevator started working again making seohyun almost trip, but she help on the metal railing to support her.

Renjun being cautious took out his gun which was previously secured tucked behind his jacket.

”Are you authorized to have that? ”

The girl raised her brows eyeing the armed weapon held by his hands, which by the way were attractive as hell. She judged him for a while before he answered her with a glare.

”No love, i actually made a deal with arms dealer they gave me this gun as a gift ”

seohyun remained silent knowing he was sarcastic which infuriated her beyond words

”of course Im authorized to have this, you keep forgetting who I actually am, love ”

”Whatever ” she mumbled under her breath

Just as they were about to reach the 4th floor the elevator stopped taking precautions he stood Infront of the girl who was unarmed.

”stay behind me ”

The door opened with a mechanical noise the only thing which could be heard.There was pin drop silence the place looked deserted.

”Somethingss wrong…the murder took place at 5th floor like half an hour ago the police should have cleared the secured the area already ”

seohyun had reached here before hand to analyze situation so she could be of help to the department. Upon hearing her voice renjuns eyes widened, his senses alerting him beforehand

”If you get shot Im not taking responsibility ” renjun warned pushing her into the metal corner of elevator hovering above her

”what do you-

Her words left incomplete as a deafening gun shot was heard making her flinch harshly. The bullet had missed her by an inch, a centimeter more to her left and she would be losing blood and in her place the male took the bullet graze like a damn hero.

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