Abyssal Lord Of The Magi World

Chapter 3 - Bandit Camp

body strengthening.]

”Good, transfer the way of using it directly to my brain and start immediately ”

The information was very little so Zatiel just felt an electric current in his brain and he learned immediately how to use the technique. Without wasting time, he starts to use the technique right away, using part of the life force of the tree to heal his injuries and a part of it to improve his body.

Two days later a massive crash was heard in the forest as a huge tree fell. The tree that once was full of life now was rotten inside and was so soft that it could be ripped to pieces easily with bare hands.

Zatiel was beside the tree, but he was very different when compared to the bloody person that was there a few days ago. Not only have his injuries completely healed, but his body was now 10 cm taller, reaching 1.8m in height, and under his robe, you could appreciate his well-developed body.

”A.I. Chip, show my statistics ”


Strength: 2.1

Physique: 2.7

Speed: 1.9

Spirit Force: 4]

”Good, although the growth was very big, it will be reduced considerably as my body becomes stronger, but it does not matter since after the ritual is completed, I will have a more efficient way of improving it ”

Although it does not seem much, having 2 points in Physique is not so simple as being twice as powerful as a person with 1 point, as the improvement is exponential. For example, with his current physique if Zatiel finds himself with the same wound that threatened his life just 2 days ago, now he will just need to rest for a half a day to heal it completely.

”I am currently in the periphery of the Grey swamp, most of the bandit groups take refuge in this place and don ’t dare to enter further inside due to the fear of stronger magical creatures ”.

”A.I. Chip scan my surroundings and let me know the moment you find any clue of humans ”

After giving the order, Zatiel begins to tour the swamp. Now with his 1.9 Speed, he was running almost 3 times as fast an Olympic medalist, hence it didn ’t take long for him to find his first clue, a set of footprints, although whoever left them behind tried to erase it, with the help of the chip, finding the place where he was headed was easy.

After running a little more than 5 kilometers he found what looks like a camp, with a hundred tents give or take. There were lookouts in the trees and traps surrounding the entire place.

Of course to Zatiel this was no more than a child ’s game.

”This should be a relative big bandit camp, I can ’t enter directly or else they could surround me, and I will be in trouble if that happens, besides it looks like there is someone strong in this place ”

Zatiel looks to the center of the camp where a huge tent was located. Whoever was there, he certainly had a high concentration of energy on his body, if it is vital or natural energy, he didn ’t know at this moment.

”I need to prepare some things before starting, ” Zatiel thought as he left the bandit camp

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