Abyssal Lord Of The Magi World

Chapter 2 - Death Touch

y to absorb life force. It needs to be in contact with the target to be used and the caster cannot move during casting which makes it not suitable for battle. Spirit Force consumption: 1]

This was the only spell Zatiel was able to buy after an entire year in the magic tower.

To learn a spell you need to know the spell rune corresponding to it. You have to inscribe the rune spell in your consciousness using your spirit and once it is completed, you need to use your spirit force to activate it and use it.

In the process of inscribing the rune in your consciousness, if there is a mistake, there will be a backlash that will harm your spirit and you will have to wait a week before you try again.

Luckily for Zatiel, the A.I. Chip can act as an intermediary and help him in guiding his spirit force to inscribe the rune. Even though Death Touch was one of the most basic spells there is, it still took him almost 1 hour to learn it even with the help of the A.I. Chip.

Zatiel closes his eyes and concentrates to begin inscribing the rune.

”Success! ”

Zatiel couldn ’t help but make a smile, after all, if he had failed just now, that would probably mean his death.

Concentrating his magic force toward the rune he started channeling the negative force that makes a dark glow appear on his hand.

”Death touch ”

The first target of the spell was the huge tree next to Zatiel, the moment his hand touched the bark, it started to rot and his injuries began healing.

Now that his wound was no longer an urgent concern, Zatiel starts to wonder about the chip and his memories.

”Why did the A.I. Chip activate at this moment, and the upload of memories only occurred now? ”

Zatiel knows that the world is not a fairy tale where something always happens that saves the protagonist when he is in his last breath. Luckily he now has the A.I. Chip which can give him an answer.

[Host ’s near-death state caused a burst of potential in the body that increased spirit by 0.2, reaching the spirit force requirement of a rank 2 apprentice magus and achieving the spirit threshold for the safe activation of the A.I. Chip.]

” The A.I. Chip is connected to my True Soul. Its initial activation will generate a burst of memories in my consciousness that will severely damage my spirit if it is too low, and the division of my memories into levels was for safety reasons. After all, just the first level hurt so much that it almost destroyed my consciousness ”.

Zatiel looks at his surroundings as he remembers the information that he researched before the mission. He was in the Grey Swamp, a danger zone close to a human kingdom under the jurisdiction of the Zanabi Magic tower. In this place, it is very common to find special herbs and magical creatures. This place was also the hideout of several bandit groups.

”The bandit ’s groups should be my first target. They are the perfect materials for the ritual. ”

Zatiel ’s eyes were cold as he pictured the future of his target.

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