Abyssal Lord Of The Magi World

Chapter 24 - Rank 2 Magus

men facing each other, one of them is a middle-aged man with a dignified aura sitting in a big chair while the other was an old man kneeling on the floor.

The person that was kneeling was Old Hal. He was soaked with sweat with a pale expression and his body was stiff due to the tension. The reason for all of this was the person in front of him.

Although the middle-aged man wasn ’t even looking at him, he released such a pressure that made even breathing difficult to old Hal.

The man had in his hands two parchment containing runes, of course, they were the ones Zatiel give old Hal to advertise them.

”Are you sure you have given me all the information you have on that runemaster? ”

The man never stops looking at the parchments, but old Hal could have sworn that two immense eyes were staring at him when the middle-age man made the question.

”Yes Lord Magus! I swear that I have told you all the information I have, ” The reason that old Hal was here was pretty simple. The fame of the runes spread even better than he thought, reaching the ears of this official Magus who summoned him to interrogate him about Zatiel.

Even though the middle-aged man was only a Rank 1 Magus. To someone like old Hal who was barely a Rank 2 Apprentice, the pressure that his magnetic force field released was too much.

”You can leave, I will be keeping these runes, you can have this for your problems. ”

The man never looks at old Hal and just gives the order as he throws a potion.

Old Hal catches the potion, and he becomes excited when he finds out what it is.

It was a simple vitality potion that can give a rank 0 life-form 25 extra years of life, although for old Hal it was something very precious, for a rank 1 Magus was nothing valuable.

”Thank you, lord Magus, thank you, I will be taking my leave,??? Old Hal leaves the room, almost running when he does, as for the runes, he will never dare to ask a Rank 1 Magus to return them.

’If Zatiel asks me, I will just explain the situation, after all, he could not have expected me to fight against a Rank 1 Magus, ’ Old Hal was a little fearful of returning empty-handed, especially with someone like Zatiel that gives him the sensation that is in front of a human-shaped monster.

In reality, his fears were unfounded. The runes reached the hands of a rank 1 Magus was exactly what Zatiel was planning.

”So Jhon, what have you found out? ”

When old Hal left the room, a person covered in shadows materialized in the air and started to speak to the middle-aged man.

The moment the man sees the shadow, he immediately stands up and bows to the person.

”Lord Clive, I have done as you told and searched the information about the new runemaster. His name is Zatiel, he has been in the tower for less than a year, and according to what I could find out, he was able to create at least three peak rank 0 runes in less than two weeks. Also, it seems that he is responsible for Arthur ’s disappearance. ”

The Magus named Jhon gives the information with a respectful tone. This was normal, after all, the person named Clive was a Rank 2 Magus.

Clive only nodded at the information, not expressing anything.

”Lord Clive, the skills that apprenticeship is showing is too high, I think he must have some special artifact or something similar that helps him, I suggest that we bring him here and heavily interrogate him. ”

In the eyes of Jhon, greed could be seen, after all, with the abilities Zatiel was showing, becoming a Rank 1 Runemaster was not very far, and even to a Magus, achieving that is something truly glorious.

”I have used the surveillance of the tower to see his process of crafting and there is no such thing as a cheat, he is just talented, ” Clive could see Jhon ’s greed but didn ’t say nothing, after all, if there was an artifact that helps you create runes, he would have been the first in taking it.

”Do as I instruct you and contact him, also handle the problem with Arthur ’s master as we discussed, ” After he finished speaking, the shadow disappeared.

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