Abyssal Lord Of The Magi World

Chapter 24 - Rank 2 Magus

”WAIT! ”

An apprentice with a magic robe way too big for her body and covered in bandages was running to Zatiel. Her whole body was covered and the only reason you could know it was a woman was by the tone of her voice.

Zatiel will usually ignore this type of scenario, but when he assesses the apprentice ’s body, his curiosity is piqued. It wasn ’t that she had an alluring body, all the opposite, she was releasing a rotten smell and although her bandages were very tight, on some occasion pus was leaking through it.

’Contamination due to a failed experiment? ’, Zatiel looked at the apprentice and identified the possible reason for her state.

The body of someone mutating in some horrible way due to some mishap is most common. It usually happens when a Magus tries some new elements and uses apprentices like guinea pigs. For the Magus, the mutation is only a source of information, but to the apprentice, it is the beginning of a living hell.

The apprentice came in front of Zatiel and started to look at him as if trying to identify something.

”How can I help you? ”

Zatiel ’s face was immutable. Even though he was so close to the apprentice that he could see the parts of mutated skin that were visible through the bandages.

Seeing that the expression of Zatiel didn ’t change at any moment, the apprentice relaxed and adopted a respectful attitude as she expressed her intentions.

”Are you possibly a runemaster? ”

The voice of the apprentice was trembling, but her eyes were full of hope.

When she made this question, a lot of apprentices that were around all focused on them, even old Hal was waiting for the answer.

Zatiel didn ’t respond immediately. After all, inscribing runes and being a runemaster is not the same, but since his ability was already in the open, he knows that the rest of the tower will find out eventually so he nodded to the woman.

The moment he did, the rest of the apprentices immediately started to whisper among themselves, as for old Hal, he was full of smiles, after all, collaborating with a runemaster, even a rank 0 one, is something truly profitable.

”AWESOME! I need you to create this for me! ”

The apprentice was excited as she threw a parchment to Zatiel.

Zatiel caught the parchment, but he didn ’t look at it and focused on the apprentice.

”It ’s that an order? ” His eyes became cold as he looked at the woman. The reason he was being so patient with her was that she reminded him when he became a demon for the first time and his body a true monstrosity, but if she thinks she can give him orders, then she is making a serious mistake.

The woman notices the change in attitude and all her enthusiasm is replaced with worry.

”I ’m sorry, I was too excited, it is just that I have been waiting for this opportunity for so long that I got carried away. I know I can ’t force you to do anything but I can repay you for your work. ”

The apprentice started bowing and adopted a compliant position in front of Zatiel, hoping that this one listens to her.

After hearing the apology of the woman and seeing the sincerity in her action, Zatiel ’s coldness vanished, and he started to see the contents of the parchment. When he saw what it was in there, he understood the reason for the woman ’s hope.

”I must say, you are overestimating the abilities of a rank 0 runemaster a little. ”

The contents were a diagram for the rank 1 rune ’Transfiguration ’ that allows the wearer to take the form of anything that they want, and even though Zatiel could create it, it will take an immense amount of energy with his current abilities, and that was just for him. To any other rank 0 runemasters it will be impossible, after all, this rune is a high-grade rank 1 rune.

”It is… really impossible. ” The woman ’s voice was filling with desperation, after all, finding a rank 0 runemaster is very difficult for the apprentices, and as for doing business with a Magus Runemaster, in the best scenario they will only take everything from her and say that they tried to create the rune but failed. It wasn ’t wrong to say that this was her only chance.

Seeing the expression of the woman, Zatiel sighed.

”Fine, stop making that face, I can do it but you better have something truly valuable to pay for it or else you can forget about the rune ”

”Really!, don ’t worry I have something that will definitely satisfy you. ”

The apprentice again became full of excitement and under her bandages, a smile could be seen.

”Follow me, this place is not suitable for negotiations. ”

The place was full of people and they were the center of attention, so it was better if they left before continuing.

”Yes. ”

The woman follows him and the three enter the portal to the second floor.

Once in there, Zatiel speaks to Ezequiel.

”Little EZ, you should continue with your creations, I don ’t have a lot of advice to give you but I will provide you the matrix for a weapon, you should practice it, ” Zatiel transferred the information through the core to Ezequiel.

Ezequiel started to go through the information and was surprised. The weapon not only was useful to rank 0 life-forms but even rank 1 could use it.

”I will start right away! ”

Ezequiel leaves for his house immediately, excited about the chance to create such a powerful weapon.

”That brat, ” Zatiel only smiled at the enthusiasm of the boy.

The woman saw the care in Zatiel eyes but chose not to ask about their relationship for fear of annoying him.

”Follow me, ” Zatiel and the woman entered his house and headed for the laboratory.

The laboratory was full of items or magic creature skin in all the places, there was some equipment lying on the floor and the room was full of dirt. The place was a complete mess.

”You were robbed! ” The woman came to this conclusion after seeing the state of the house. After all, to her it is impossible for a runemaster, someone who takes pride in their precision, to be this sloppy.

When Zatiel heard those words, even though it was just a little, he blushed.

The reason for the state of this place was simple, he was just a messy person. Of course for important stuff, he was incredibly dedicated and organized, but keeping his place clean, that was his soft point, a habit of his time like a demon, after all, when have you heard of a demon keeping his house clean?.

”What robbery are you talking about? This is just how I do things. Anyway, you have not even told me your name yet. ”

Zatiel changed the subject immediately.

”Oh, yes, my name is Sophia, ” she gave her name and didn ’t dare to bring the subject of the mess again for fear of angering Zatiel.

As for only giving her first name, Zatiel didn ’t think much about it, after all, unless your family was a powerful clan with official Magi in there, most people just give their first name.

”Ok, Sophia, let ’s get to business. The rune that you want is a very difficult Rank 1 Rune, and although I can do it, it will take me a huge amount of time doing it so the price is equally large. ”

Although Zatiel had a good impression of the woman, he was no hero that helped the needy so unless she can give him something worthy, he would not waste his time.

Sophia knows that this was the moment of truth, so she became very serious.

”I have the whereabouts of the laboratory of a very powerful ancient Magus, ” Sophia was concentrating on Zatiel ’s face trying to pick something from him, but she was disappointed at seeing how his face kept his usual relaxed expression.

”I hope you understand that I can ’t take just your word. ”

Actually with Zatiel experience he could see that the woman was telling the truth but even if she thinks that the owner of the laboratory was powerful, it may be just because of her little knowledge.

Sophia makes a struggle face for a moment before her eyes show determination as she takes from her robe a tube with a drop of blood floating inside.

”This should be enough. ”

But just as she finished speaking, it vanished from her hand.

”What happened! ” Sophia was started, but a moment later she saw the reason. The tube was in Zatiel ’s hands, and he inspected the blood with emotion on his face.

’Too strong! If he wants to kill me.., ’ She became fearful of the idea.

Zatiel didn ’t note any of this as he was too focused in the blood. After a moment, the chip finally reaffirms his suspicion.


Analyzing blood.

Most accurate match: Lightning Giant.

Lightning Giants: Members of the Giant race that has the blood of Titans running through them. When they reach adulthood, they become Rank 4 life forms. They can use the lighting energy to achieve an incredible speed that combined with their immense strength gives them monstrous battle power.]

”Hahaha, good, this is perfect, ” Zatiel laughed as he held the tube. ’The place where she found this is exactly what I need to advance to rank 1. ’

When Zatiel finally calms down, he notices the expression that Sophia was making and he realizes the mistake he made.

”Sorry I was too excited, and you were right. This is more than enough proof, ” Zatiel throws the tube to her, at which the apprentice almost does not catch it due to the surprise.

”You are… giving it back, ” Sophia was truly surprised, after all based on the reaction she saw, she now knows that this blood is much more valuable than she thought.

”I have not done the job yet, anyway I recommend you to keep that very well hidden, if a Magus sees it, they will kill you and take it, ” Although the blood was useful to Zatiel, the place where she took it is much more alluring.

Sophia immediately hides the tube in the safest place that she could think of.

”Thanks. ”

She knows that had he wanted to kill her, she would be dead and the blood would have been his.

”Don ’t worry about it. So the location of the laboratory and the blood for the rune, I must say that it still falls a little short, you will have to help me when I perform my experiments, ” Zatiel speaks and unknown to the woman, a smile was created on his face.

When she hears those words, Sophia feels fear running all over her body. Experiments brought her to her current state.

”What.. do I have to do, ” Her voice was full of fear as she asked. She knows that this is the only chance she has to change her body, so even if it means going through hell, she will do it.

”Easy. You will clean this place. ”

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