Only two people have citizenship.

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But many people had a leisurely life.

‘Evelyn was one of the two who had citizenship.’

Among the extracted information, there were also critical facts about Evelyn.

“T-that girl is of no use.”

Among the trash, Evelyn was a child that should not be touched.

She was an orphan who had nothing but citizenship, and she would soon be sold in lieu of debt to a slave trader who wanted her.

Since the slave trader had an eye on the girl, these trash wouldn’t be able to touch her.

“I see.
Thank you.”

“Yes, yes.
Ah, aghh!”

Turning around after meticulously burying the corpse of the last piece of garbage, Raven was contemplating what he had found out.

And at that time, he had to summarize the child named Evelyn in just one line.

He shouldn’t get close.

The only thing worth using from her was citizenship, which was not transferable or extorted.
Rather, there is a risk of being tracked by the Imperial Family, so she was worthless to Raven.
On top of that, a slave trader was sneaking around the child.

The only slave dealers around these parts are the Athos Guild who are aiming for Raven.

It was Raven who was pursued by them until here.
Evelyn was the last person he should ever be associated with.
But now, contrary to what he had decided, the boy was reading a book and washing up at her house.

And it looks like he’ll be getting something to eat soon.

“…If it wasn’t for this poison.”

Raven squatted down, grinding his teeth.
The hand gesture to measure the amount of water was dull.
The poison used by the traitors was the problem.
It was stronger and more tenacious than expected.

It was definitely possible to suppress it, but…

The problem is that.
Suppression was everything he could do. 

‘Still, in about two months, the poison will go away.’

The North family’s mana also has the power to repel toxicity.

Yes, I won’t die.

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‘If I don’t get caught.’

It was his father, not him, who inhaled the poison in a lethal dose in the first place.

…Is my father still alive?


When he reached a problem that he didn’t want to think about, his hands that were clinging to the water slowed down.

For now, I have to think only of surviving.

Raven, who had brushed off his thoughts like that, nodded his head in earnest and muttered.

“There was no need for more water.”

I don’t think the water was poisoned.

The problem is that he can’t move quickly because of the poison in his body.
And he is very tired because it hurts his head even if he exerts a little bit of power.

No matter how much he suppressed the poison, it protested even more intensely as the days passed and ruined Raven’s body.

Even the good-looking Raven had his limits.

In the end, he lost his strength, and even the garbage he treated insignificantly was beginning to be a threat, so he escaped and fled here.

‘I didn’t mean to get help.’

The girl approached me first…

Raven glared at the water with a displeased expression, then pursed his lips a little and picked up the water bottle.

Shaaa, the water was slow, but it was pouring wildly.
The hardened expression on his face had no choice but to loosen a little.

I don’t want to admit it though.

It was pathetically funny to see that his sharply forged tension was relieved even a little.
Suddenly, I remembered the voice of a girl I had seen for the first time.

“Come to my house.
Unless you want to freeze to death there.”

A girl who seemed to have no more spare time than Raven, who was being chased.

‘…At that time, I felt like she had a plan.’

However, he did not have any more fortitude to reject the offer.
He could no longer endure alone in this area where the daily temperature difference was so great.

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“So I came here… but…”

The atmosphere is so different that you wonder if it’s the same person.

‘Everything was suspicious, so I thought I’d just observe without opening my mouth for at least a month.’

Maybe it was because she was so different, his plan didn’t go well.
Slowly, wiping away the dust, Raven murmured.

As if warning himself.

“You can’t believe in anyone.”

I don’t feel any special intentions right now.
But people are beings who can dig into intimacy and stick knives in our backs as much as they want.
As did the traitor whom he believed, and whom the people of his family trusted.

The sound of the water rang coolly as if sweeping away all kinds of troubles.

Raven started pouring water as if possessed.

Contrary to what the girl said earlier, the water that Evelyn had separated yesterday was very abundant, so even if he used it like that, he couldn’t see the bottom.

Then I heard Evelyn’s voice outside.

“I’ve put my shirt and pants here, so wash-washy everything and put them on.”

(Note: She uses a wash word mainly said to little children.
Like she was the adult.)

That voice and the way she talks.

It’s so soft that he keeps getting thrown out of his game, it was annoying. 

Pausing for a moment, Raven bit his lower lip and began to swear at her the best he could.

“You are the kid who doesn’t even remember how much water you got yesterday.”

What else do you mean wash-washy?

A weird kid who uses weird words.

Besides, she’s not afraid of Raven’s gaze, which often makes the vassals and even grown-up villains startled……


I don’t know anything about her, so I couldn’t swear well.

Besides, perhaps because he was procrastinating too much, the scent of bread that had become thick all of a sudden tickled the tip of his nose.

Raven grabbed his hungry stomach without realizing it.

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Then he stopped pouring water and sent a sharp look at the small space.
It was a small space which is embarrassing to even call a bathroom, where only a small screen exists.

Still, everything was there.

It was small, but there was even soap, so you could say everything needed was there. 

He glanced at the soap.

And he bit his mouth.


Raven unconsciously rolled the word through his mouth a few times.

It was really the first time I’d ever heard such a word. 

But he seemed to know what she was trying to say, so he was a little embarrassed earlier….
Raven licked his lips involuntarily at the scent of bread that had thickened again.

It was a savory smell.

Raven flinched and said as if making excuses. 

“…I can kill that kid at any time if she does any nonsense.”

I am not in danger.

So, for now, there will be no problem if I move as instructed.


Without hesitation, he picked up the small piece of soap, rubbed it against his body and his head until it foamed.

So generously that it wears out and disappears.

The owner insisted that I come out clean like that, so I can use it.

* * *

“I’ve put my shirt and pants here, so wash-washy everything and put them on.”

There was no reply from behind the door in the washroom.

So, I spoke softly from a distance that Raven couldn’t see, and the sound of pouring water stopped.
There was still no answer, but the tension was transmitted up to here.

I tried not to make a sound, and even put an old towel on top of the clothes so he could dry himself.

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And I quickly headed to the kitchen.

“Come on then.
Should I eat what I had or what I bought?”

I found a few more dried-up bread in the storage.

Hard bread that doesn’t get moldy.

‘It looks like I’m going to have to eat this first.’

However, the image of Raven, who was chasing for the new bread earlier, kept glimmering.

“……Well, I’m in a good mood.”

it’s the first day, we can eat hard bread tomorrow.

I took a bowl close to the wooden board and wiped it clean with a cloth.
A piece of freshly cooled bread was placed on top.
Then I took out another piece of bread and began to boil it on a thin soup.

‘I have to use the hollow bowl here.’

Pour water into a single pot, add dry bread, a little salt, and cheap olive oil, and boil everything.
Above the magic brazier, which seemed to be very old, there was a sizzling sound from the pot.

Soon, the steam began to rise.

‘I need to eat something other than bread because of my illness…’

We need to stock up on some stamina, so we’ll have bread soup together for the time being.

Swallowing the saliva in my mouth, I smiled happily.

“It’s perfectly done.”

It was my first time doing it, and I was satisfied.
While humming, I took out the remaining hollow bowl, took out my portion, and waited, and soon Raven came out.

The gesture of plucking his head with the old towel was somewhat awkward.

“Did you finish washing up?”


Raven nodded his head, unable to hide his tired expression.

“Then let’s eat now.”

He looked down at me, then he slowly approached the table and sat down.

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