“Calm down, you are blowing a fuse all over again.”

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Sera gave an anxious look as she sat down again.

She had a habit of biting her nails when she felt anxious.
Her mother even got mad and told her not to do that.

Even so, that, was that something bad to do, like, leading to death?

However, Evelyn whose atmosphere has changed was somehow convincing.

Jack, who was kneeling with her, had a blue face when he heard about death.
He grabbed Sera’s hand and anxiously looked up at Evelyn.

Evelyn, who suppressed laughter while watching them, grimly said. 

“Scratching a person with your fingernail leaves a scar.
It’s weak, but it’s because the nails are poisonous.
This is one of the defense mechanisms that humans, who were born without weapons in the wild long ago, developed to protect themselves.”

Even at first glance, it sounded plausible.
Even if they didn’t understand about half of what she meant.

Sera’s eyes began to tremble.

“But if you are constantly eating it, tsk.
Sera, soon you’ll probably……”

Jack’s pupil, who liked his childhood friend, also shook wildly along with Sera’s.

“Huh, ah…….”

Sera panicked for a moment and rubbed her face in horror.
She eventually knelt down on her knees and started to shed tears.

While watching her sob, sniff , and roughly rub her eyes, Evelyn gave a loud sigh as if to make them listen.


Then, while glancing at the two, she approached them and wiped away their tears. 

“Hush! What are you crying about?”

Sera was hesitant, but her eyes were bewildered.
It was because Evelyn’s blunt but warm touch was unfamiliar.

‘Why can I see my mom in Evelyn?’

It was an upsetting and embarrassing moment.

When Evelyn was dealing with them, it felt like she was dealing with real kids, but she was being mischievous as if she was a naughty kid herself.

The two blinked again because it was unfamiliar to them, and they looked at Evelyn with a faint hatred in their eyes while thinking.

‘I must be crazy.’

‘I must have eaten something wrong.’

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They thought that Evelyn was pretty since the beginning, but today she’s a little….like a lady.

Yes, a lady.
Unlike Sera, an elegant, gentle, and cherished girl who lives in a very high place.

As soon as that thought reached her, Sera’s face was slightly distorted.
Dark emotions that she couldn’t erase engulfed her mind.

It was a feeling of inferiority.

“Done! You’re so mean to joke about that! Get away!”

Sera threw Evelyn’s hand away and once again had a spiteful face.

Then she dragged Jack away and disappeared.

“No, it’s not me who is mean, it’s you.”

Evelyn, who clicked her tongue, left her wounds as is and returned to her house.

And when she went inside, faced with Raven’s glaring eyes, she flinched. 

“Oh, haha.”


Once again, she came back to find Raven at home.

* * *

Raven stared at the wounds from being beaten, with the same ferocity in his eyes as Sera and Jack had at the time. 

I swallowed my saliva and laughed awkwardly.

“…Where have you been?” (Raven)


“Say something that makes sense.”

If you know why ask.

Raven, who has given me a sidelong glare, let out a sigh and bit his lip.

“Was her name Sera? Next to her was Jack.”

“Oh, do you remember their names?”

……you should’ve forgotten. 

I swallowed saliva as I remembered the boy who insistently asked my name on the first day.

‘Next time they meet, I’ll have to somehow make them get away with it.’

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I’m sure he wouldn’t kill the kids just because I got hit, but it felt strangely ominous.

Fortunately, Raven, who had been staring at me for a while, immediately turned his head and said:

“Well, it’s none of my business.”

 “Ha ha, yes.”


“No, I just repeated what you said, so why are you staring at me?”

As I mumbled a little pale, he sighed again.

“Stop sighing.
Good luck will fly away.”

Then he turned his head and went to the backyard. 

He’s too much.

It had been two weeks since I met Raven.

* * *

It was a little over a week after the rebellion of the rebels.

“Did you find him?”


The Knight Commander had the brightest face in recent days after the bitter act of betraying that happened. 

This is because he was convinced that at least the Little Lord was not taken to the Imperial Palace. 

The two vassals of the North family who were in the most perfect condition and comfortable enough to move were doing all the work.

After the rebellion, the wounds of the North family were very deep and were still being ripped apart.

However, there was a limit to what can be done with the power of two vassals alone.

“The Imperial Family will also be eagerly looking for him.”

“That’s right.

Knight Commander Luke’s eyes, lit up with a determined glare.

“We’ll find him first.” 

“There are spies in the family, so we can’t bring back the Little Duke right away, but we need to know his location.”

Luke nodded.

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In just one week, the Imperial Family thoroughly grasped the dynamics of what happened and was also checking the around the forest of shadows.

Raven’s tracks were completely cut off. 

“Only in this forest, isn’t the North family more advantageous than the Imperial family? Please, let’s work a little harder.”

“It’s not hard work.
I’m no better than a sinner.
I’m just trying to do what I have to do.”

Old doctor Shawn made a bitter face at Luke’s words covered in a hard tone.

Perhaps the Little Lord sealed his magical powers.

It was a relief if it was so. 

No, on the contrary, seeing that such a perfect disguise was prepared, it was clear that he was excellent at manipulating magic to the point of making anyone proud.

‘There is no way that he died in vain.’

That’s the way it should be.

The two believed in the survival of their Little Lord.

Yes, they were still in the process of sorting out the remaining spies of the family.
At times like this, it might be better not to have the Little Lord in a dangerous place.

The real question was, what state is he in now?

Still, as long as he’s alive.

The two vassals could not show their tiredness.

“I hope the Lord will wake up soon.”

“…is there no improvement?”

Shawn shook his head.

“I can’t figure out what kind of poison it is.

“What is it?”

Luke asked with a distorted face. 

“It’s like a poison that appeared once.”

“What do you mean?”

“A long time ago, the head of the family who went to a banquet in the imperial family became a Demon King.” 

The doctor at the time was only left with suspicion in his heart, as nothing was proved.

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“It’s very similar to its symptoms.”

“That means…”

Shawn nodded his head.

His gentle-looking face was filled with cold energy. 

“Even the poison that was used could have been touched by the dirty hands of the Imperial Family.
It’s more vicious and meticulous than expected.”

Luke looked down the somber hallway.

Just a week ago, servants were cleaning the window frames from spider nests, and maids blushing from giggles were peacefully walking down this path.

But all of them.

Everyone was now in critical condition.

Facing the greatest crisis of the North family, Luke opened his mouth.

“The Lord will overcome it.”

Because it’s him.


However, the mood between the two of them did not lighten, because what they were most worried about was their Little Lord.

A poison that drove the North family, who had inherited their special abilities from generation to generation, into crisis.

The poison is so strong that it makes the Lord go through life and death….

‘The Little Lord was also afflicted to the poison.’

“I’ll hurry.
I’ll find him as soon as possible.”

“If there is anything I can help you with, tell me.”

“I will.”

After exchanging glances for a moment, Shawn left first.

He cut off one of his fingers the moment he realized he was poisoned.
Because of that, he was the healthiest person in the current situation.

Fingers were also an important part for doctors.

Luke watched the old doctor walk away and turned around.

He was very sorry, but now he have to endure.

To protect the family.

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