Raven was looking at the scene from the window, and then, Evelyn who turned around met his eyes.

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“They’re gone!”

She looked at him and smiled brightly and cheerfully, so much so that it was a little ridiculous.

He was curious.

“Why don’t you kill them?”

Evelyn didn’t seem to hear it, but the question that unconsciously flowed out could not be spit out twice, and it sank deep into his heart.

Maybe it’s because he already knows the answer.

‘To send back the person who hurt you with their limbs intact.’

It’s like Evelyn.

That was funny.
Even thinking that way made him laugh.

‘I’m still doubting her even now, but to think like that.’

Evelyn responded to Sarah and Jack with patience.
Looking at the children named Sarah and Jack, it seemed that they, too, were holding back, as if they felt Evelyn was different than before.

Raven knew both of them.

Bakery and Florist.

He tilted his head, rolling the words of peace out of his mouth.

“The relationship with them has changed.” 

It means that she is not different only in front of Raven.
At least that was reassuring.


Raven thought silently as Sarah and Jack threw the remaining stones and ran away.

‘They had jealousy in their eyes.’

Was there anything to envy about Evelyn? In terms of circumstances, those two would be much better off than her.

Evelyn didn’t seem to understand those two eyes.

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His thoughts were interrupted by Evelyn who came inside. 

Raven’s cold face was not yet smoothed, but Evelyn smiled brightly, thinking that his face was like that because of the mean things the kids shouted, but she just said it was nothing.

“They are boring kids.”

The smile that returned to her face as if nothing had happened somehow bothered him, so Raven wrinkled his face even more.


After returning home, I approached Raven, who was staring at me.

“Come on, you need to treat yourself.”

Raven kept his mouth shut, with a frown on his face.

“I’ll do my front.”

“Yes, if you want.”

I nodded my head and healed the wounds on his back.

It was just herbal juice, so I had to reapply it when it dries and repeat the process until everything is fully absorbed.

“All right, it’s done.
I’ll do it for you tomorrow, too.
All right?” 


Raven nodded his head with an almost gloomy look on his face.
I was a little bothered by it, but I couldn’t be harsh to ask, so I kept an aloof attitude.

At the end of an hour of strange silence, I said to Raven who had finished treating his arm.

“You know, Ray, from now on I’m going to boil soup with grass, but you can still eat bread.”

Now it seemed like it would be okay to stop stamina recovery by eating bread.
After running today, my stamina seems to have returned to some extent.

I think it was about time to slowly get used to 〈Bard〉 as my staple food.
I don’t even know when I’m going to vomit blood. 


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Raven, who had his eyes down with a dark complexion, asked.

I replied with a light smile.

“Because the cold spring is coming.”

The weather in this northern region was unusual.

This was an area where four seasons were repeated: warm spring, cold spring, warm winter, and cold winter.

And now the warm spring is gone.
The cold season is coming in full swing starting with the cold spring.

“Sometimes I catch a cold.
I have a weak body so I eat it as prevention.”

Did I tell him that?

The herb called is not usually used as a pain reliever.
Its grass mainly used as cold medicine because the analgesic effect is minimal.

Still, young Evelyn was taking it as an analgesic.

“But does it make sense that you don’t eat bread?”

“Why not? That’s how I used to eat before?”


Raven opened his eyes wide in embarrassment. 

“It’s true.”

Even when Evelyn’s grandmother was alive, she ate soup with grass often on days without bread.

‘After Grandma died, I ate it more often.’

All over Raven’s face was written that he thought it was nonsense to do.
But he didn’t ask anymore, and kept his mouth shut.

And for a while, he grumbled about what he didn’t like…

The next day, when Sarah and Jack came again, he chased them away with a single line.

“Get lost.”

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The sound of someone swallowing was heard.
Befitting of children of an , the two recognized the murdering aura that Raven exuded at once.

Raven lowered his eyes to the frozen children and spoke coldly.

“Don’t be noisy.”

It was clear that the words, “If you make a noise, I’ll kill you,” were omitted.

While I, too, was frozen and unable to speak, Sarah and Jack turned around without making a sound.

And left a shout, “We’ll see!” and ran away quickly.

Their back figure reminded me of the villain duos often seen in children’s animations, so I relaxed a bit and then laughed.


Oh, thinking about it now, he’s hiding his identity because he’s being chased, isn’t doing this the same as telling the neighborhood that he’s a suspicious kid?

I turned around when I called him and he told me.

“I think it would be better to kill them.”

…Oh My God.

I panicked and tried to stop him.

“No! Never! Why did you come out here?”

Trying to distract Raven from chasing the kids, I kept asking

“You may be the target, too.”

You don’t know how tough they are!

It’s normal to think that if you don’t know that Raven is already very strong for a child.

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‘Hold your breath so that you don’t get caught.’

I can’t say that, so I choose other words.
If we become a target, we are at a disadvantage because we are in a position where we cannot fight back and forth.

At my words, Raven replied with a puzzled face.

“Why not? Then the legs.”

“You can’t break it.
I’m saying it beforehand, but it can’t be done.”

I continued with an awkward voice.

“The white bread we eat is from the bakery owned by Shara’s family.
What if they say they are not going to sell to us anymore?”

After all, they are one of the few adults who treat me fairly!

Raven shut up as if he had read my troubled tone and he began to seriously think about another way.

“Can’t you get the bread… anywhere else?”

“That’s the cheapest place.
White bread is the cheapest scrap bread there, and it is more expensive elsewhere.” (Eve)

“And no stealing.” (Eve)

I mean, I wasn’t the only one being patient with those two kids for nothing. 

“…I didn’t say stealing.”

“It was written on your face.”

Seeing him casually rubbing his cheeks, I held back my laughter.
But I’m glad that his gloomy mood seemed to be a little relieved. 

“By the way, why did you do that? You didn’t say anything last time.”

When I asked in a thoughtful tone, Raven averted his eyes.

Somehow, it felt like he wanted to help me, so I burst into laughter.
He didn’t say anything for a while, and when it was time to eat dinner, he answered.

“…Just because it was noisy.”

With a slightly bitter expression.

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