Of course, I remembered the way Shan was treated.

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So, I will treat myself the same way.

The problem is that the method is quite cumbersome.

‘The basic principle is to let the energy of the exotic race eat up the energy of the human race.’

And that was the hard part.

It was difficult to mix the energy of different races with human energy.

The disease called Krad is not really a disease.
It can be regarded as simply living if the human energy is strong and death if the energy of an exotic race was the strong one.

‘My exotic energy is too strong and I’m scheduled to die early, so for me, it’s Krad.’

However, if the ‘energy of chaos’, which existed before the world was created, was added to my body, the two could exist in harmony.
And now, there was only one place in the world that had the energy of chaos.

“Forest of Shadows……”

I stopped and took a breath, and while taking a deep breath, I cast my gaze away towards the forest of shadows.

The place where Raven’s family, the North family, a half-blooded Duchy, connecting the human empire and the shelters of different races, rules.

Forest of shadows.

The energy of chaos still remained there, and all the grass that grew there also harbored that energy.
However, there is only one grass that is not poisonous to humans…

That’s ‘Bard’.

It was the grass that I took with me for tea at home.

That’s still quite a common grass in this town, but I can’t even afford it.”

I do have money to buy it, but I don’t have money to live on after that.

‘At least this is the least of the worst situation because I have to cut ties with the slave trader anyway.’

So, what I thought of was to become a helper for a low-level potion maker.
If I were to help him and get part of my salary in the usual grass, wouldn’t it be acceptable?

‘Otherwise, I have no choice but to go into the forest myself.’

That’s another good way too.
After all, I had to go there at least once to get one of the eight treasures.

That’s all…these were the things that had to be done to cure this one disease.

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‘Because love requires adversity, I set this complicated way in the original work.’

This is the natural consequence of my choices back on the other world.

Karma is hitting back.

Shaking my head, I started walking again.

Evelyn was rejected by the village because of her rare appearance, I could see people grimacing at me everywhere, but I didn’t care.

‘Let’s see, the treatment process is like that.’

The first step in the disease treatment is to consume [Bard], a weed that grows on the outskirts of the forest in a warm season.

If you do not eat anything else and eat this as a staple food, you will start to vomit dead blood at some point.
As time passes like that, I get to the point where I vomited so much blood that the voice doesn’t come out……

‘From then on, you can stop taking [Bard] and drink the highest quality holy water every day.’

Until the voice comes back.

Up to this point, the disease has been cured.

And once you get better, the cured person becomes a pure-blooded exotic race, and their lifespan would increase and they would become stronger.

That’s good, but the length of treatment varies from person to person.

‘You never know in advance when you will start vomiting blood or when your voice will stop coming out.’

Besides, it’s a shame that the process is throwing blood.

‘…I don’t think I’m going to die because I lack blood, but still, it’s quite uncomfortable.’

Although Shan said that he felt that his body was getting better.

I’m worried, but what can I do?

Treatment should be done.

Seriously, I should’ve set it up in an easy way.
Somehow, now I understand why my brother looked at me and said that I was a pervert, and he was quite right.

‘By the way, Elf.’

Evelyn was said to be of mixed elf blood.

That’s why she is this pretty?

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Although she stands out,

‘After healing, will I run faster like an elf?’

That’s kind of expected.

After practicing a bright child’s smile a few times, I knocked on the door of the potion maker house.

“Anyone there!”

* * *

At the northern border of the Bridium Empire, a low-level potion maker called ‘Jade’, who lived in a small , was a hidden power in the village.

Although he claims to be an outsider because he dislikes socializing with people, there are many cases in which people need a lower level potion in their daily life.

Furthermore, he was the only producer.

Because of this, people seldom touched his calm and happy morning.

11 am.

It is usually during the time when everyone gets up to work, but this potion maker gets angry when people go there at such a time.

Thanks to such an atmosphere, the potion maker house was always quiet at 11 am.

“Anyone there!”

But what is that sound?

Jade rubbed his bulging eyes and yawned.

Who is it? The damn person who dared disturb my sleep.

He coldly shouted.

“If you are human, shut up, if you are of mixed race, die.”

What if I don’t know?”


Jade, who had never heard such a reply before, was a little perplexed in his sleepy mood.
After a brief silence, he got up from his bed and took a deep breath.

And after a while, the door opened.

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I fell in love with the door that opened faster than I expected.
Behind the slightly opened door stood a slender, middle-aged man.


He looked down at me and coldly said.


While pouring out a gaze that said he was lazy and I was annoying.
He seemed to want me to shut up and turn back without him having to speak a word.


I called him as politely as I could.
He frowned at my call as if seeing something very strange.


“Yes, Teacher.
Good morning.”

“You didn’t come here to say hello, did you? You are not trying to joke around with me, are you? Or do you want to die?”

Oh my gosh.

Even our young villain, who was cornered, didn’t talk like that the first time we met.
I was relieved to recall that Raven said he would kill me if I pretended not to know.

I continued with a face that didn’t care at all.

“I have something I want to ask you, so I came to you without any excuses.
I am very sorry that I came to visit you while you were sleeping.”


As I straightened my back that had been bent at a 90-degree angle, the man behind the door blinked.


“Are you sure you don’t need an assistant? Sir.”

“This crazy town.
Even the little ones are freaking me out.”


When I pretended not to hear and bashfully laughed, he said, startled.

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“Don’t laugh! It feels creepy.”

Well, if that’s the case.

Immediately removing the smile, I took a step forward, looking at his wit. 

“Teacher .
is not just a normal assistant.
The hourly wage is just this much.”

As I spread out my three fingers and he exclaimed in an absurd voice.

“Now this little kid is trying to even pluck my bones!”

“Well, sir.
It’s not much.”

It’s only 3 talles.

(Note: I’m not sure about the currency name, for now, I will use talles.)

No matter how small a child was, it was almost free for a daily wage.

People would say it’s better to beg than to work.

‘But I am being ostracized, and Raven has to hide his face as much as possible.’

Begging is a no.

Well, we don’t have to do it if we can’t.

‘In our circumstances, there’s still enough money to eat bread every day.’

Unless Sera, who sells white bread, raises the price.

But as a bonus, I get help related to my illness.
In fact, if that’s all, two talles would be sufficient, but three were sung with negotiations in mind.

‘But, what now, he’s saying that I’m ripping him off?’

I forcibly pulled the tip of my lips to make a smiling expression.
Then, as if giving a presentation, I stood up straight and whispered so that only he could hear.

“Teacher, I’m a very useful assistant even though I’m like this.
You really won’t be wasting any of this.”

The man opened his mouth slightly.

Still, it didn’t close.

I thought this was the time, so I whispered softly to him as if telling a secret story. 

“I know of an unknown potion recipe.”

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