A Fate To Hate

Chapter eight

Daves POV

For the fifth time in a row my mind drifted off the meeting we are having to that human girl whom I have not set my eyes on since the days she asked to leave early and that is a week now.

Whats surprising is that I always return home to her scent everywhere in my room but always to her absence.

”Mr Marcellus, what do you think of the presentation? ” One of the members of the board of directors asked me turning everyones attention to me.

I had no idea the person giving a presentation was done.

This meeting is a very vital one for the company and I have somehow managed to get myself distracted.

”Well, I think we can change some aspects of it, submit the file of the project to my desk. I will go over it again ” I replied and ended the meeting.

”Is everything alright sir? ” My assistant asked while we waited for the lift.

I glanced at his reflection from the glass of the elevator and I could see he was genuinely worried.

Did I act out of character?.

”Yes, if you have anything to say to me, say it instead of asking me baseless questions ”.

He was taken aback by my response and did not say a single word till we arrived at our floor.

That is one of the reasons I chose him as my assistant. He is very smart and quick witted. I would get him closer to me if he wasn human but unfortunately our interaction ends at the office.

I stare blankly at the pile of files on my desk waiting for me to attend to them.

I have no interest in doing anything related to work.

Checking my time, its just a little after noon.

I would have to push myself through todays work.


I decide to leave work two hours before the actual closing time, I just cannot remain seated in that room, almost going crazy because of how Im missing a mere human.

I exited the elevator and was searching for my car when someone crashed into my arms.

I stifled a cough that was about to escape my mouth from the choking scent of female perfume.

” I have missed you so much ” the person finally let go of me.

I search in my memory for a name to face Im staring at.

Bianca or Bella or something along that line I can remember.

”Don you miss me? ” She glanced up at me with teary eyes and I gave a nervous chuckle.

”Of Course I have missed you too ” I smile slightly at her.

My eyes subconsciously roam her body lingering longer on her exposed chest.

She wore a dress that was barely covering her.

Maybe she can help me stop thinking about that girl.

Sensing my gaze she circles her arms around me again, whispering something in my ears and I find myself in my car the next instant with her sitting beside me.

I drove to the nearest hotel and booked a room under her name.

I cannot give my name incase of any complications in the future.

Her hands went to my pants immediately we were alone.

I kissed her deeply letting her undo the zipper, within minutes we were both bare with our clothes lying in a messy pile around our feet.

I lifted her off the ground to the bed.

”Whats wrong? ” Bianca asked, her voice quivering a little as she watched me climb off the bed.

I shook my head not wanting to say a word to her.

I pick my clothes off the floor and get dressed under her watch.

”Won you tell me why you stopped? ” She asked louder this time. I can feel the pain in her voice.

”Im sorry, I need to leave. Dress up let me get you home ” I avoided her gaze.

We were about to get intimate when that girl invaded my thoughts again and I could not continue any further. It was like I was committing a grave sin.

I need to go home.

I need to see her, maybe then I would stop thinking about her all the time.

”I will leave myself, you can go Dave ” Bianca said in a sad tone.

”Im sorry Bianca ” I apologize sincerely when she turns a couple of teary eyes to me, her lips quivering.

”I am not Bianca, I am Bella ” she replied, chuckling darkly.

Does it matter?.

”Im sorry again Bella ”

”Close the door behind you Dave ” she avoided my gaze and I left without hesitating.

I got home almost twenty minutes later, I ignored everyone that I met on the way before I got to my room.

I was a little early so Im hoping I will meet her in my room doing whatever there.

I opened the door softly and like always it was empty except for her scent that hung in the air.

My body calmed immediately and I inhaled the scent.

I stopped what I was doing suddenly while standing close to my bed.

I look back with wide eyes at the couple of sleepy eyes that were staring up at me from the bed.

Among the covers lay the reason for my distraction through the day.

The large bed seems to swallow her small figure. Thats why I did not notice she was there when I came in.

”Im sorry Sir, I was tired. So I decided to borrow your bed for a little time ” she said almost like what she was doing was alright.

”Okay, Im back now don you think its time you get up ”

I fold my arms while watching her stretch like a cat.

I almost chuckled at the act and I could feel a smile on my face.

What is wrong with me?.

Why am I suddenly happy after seeing her?

What has she done to me?.

Different questions run through my mind while I still find it difficult to tear my gaze away from her.

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