A Bet with Mighty Evil Being

Chapter 2: An unknown figure

Samuel wakes up with a startle and looks groggily around his bedroom. After briefly considering he opens, the formerly locked bedroom door and the strangely bright light beyond hit his eyes from the side, he looks to hit and jump.

Samuels friend Liam is sitting beside his bed in an old wooden chair, legs crossed as he watches him. He smiles strangely at Samuels shock.

”Simon! What the hell are you doing in here? How did you even get in? ”

”A pitiful question. There are no doors that can resist me, mortal. ” Simons mouth moves, but it is the voice of a woman that Samuel hears.

He stands, but as he does so, his burly frame melts away. The tall, muscular cop Samuel have known since high school becomes a stunningly beautiful silver-haired woman with strange, glowing purple eyes with slit black irises, a tattoo on her left hand, with big bouncy breast with a pure white dress which is very much revealing everything but not too much but enough to make any man drool over her beauty.

She laughs as Samuel push away in alarm, shocked by the sudden transformation of his friend into a girl.

”What, who…Liam? ” Samuel stand up hurriedly and stagger back against his bedroom wall, dressed only in his nightwear.

The woman laughs, a cruel gleam in her eyes. She leans forward, the strange, low-cut black dress she wears revealing a grand swell of rippling golden cleavage.

”The mortals of this world are so easily frightened! But in this case, your fear is justified. Your friend is mine, little human. His soul, his form, and his will belong wholly to me, as is the fate of all who lose my Bet. Yours, too, is forfeit; bet to me in a last desperate bid for victory by your dear friend! ”

”What are you talking about? Bet? ” Samuel look around the room in a panic, spying the old replica dagger he had left carelessly on his dresser, a gift from his elder brother.

Theres a crazy woman in his room, and Samuel probably having a very strange dream, but maybe itd be a good idea to atleast grab that dagger in case of emergency!

The woman chuckles and snaps her fingers while looking at the scene. The dagger Samuel had been looking at sails across the room, impaling the wall inches side by Samuels head.

He stares in shock at her, swallowing, as she smiles at his reaction. ”No screaming! Your friend was not quite so brave. ”

She taps a finger against her chin thoughtfully, while smiling mischievously. ”I think perhaps it would be a waste to simply collect you. What do you say, little one? Would you rather become my slave for eternity, or try your hand at Lamias Bet? ”

Confusion whirls through Samuels head. This has to be a dream!

Yes! This has to be a dream daggers don just…fling themselves across the room at someone! And what is she even talking about? ”I don understand any of this! This can …what Bet? ”

”The Bet is simple. Face me, Lamia, at Fortress Caliburn and defeat me, and I and all I possess will become your property for eternity. ” She runs a hand down her right side, accentuating the fullness of her hips and her thick, juicy thighs as her other hand slides up her firm abs to cup a massive, heavy bouncy breast.

”Fail to do so or abandon the challenge, though, and the opposite fate will befall you. ” Lamia said seductively to Samuel.

She laughs at the look of confusion on Samuels face, but her mirth becomes a sharp, malevolent glare in an instant, and she drops her hands to her sides.

”I grow tired of your small pathetic minds confusion. You are already in my world. You will have to accept the Bet, or accept slavery. There is no other path that is open to you! ”

A small silver flute drops onto Samuels bed, summoned by a snap of Lamias fingers. ”whistle this if you wish to concede, but know this, too. Fail to face me, and your friend, and countless others like him, will be mine for eternity! Give up and you lose them all! ”

With a horrid, evil laugh, she vanishes into thin air, leaving Samuel to stare in shock around his bedroom.

Samuels eyes wander as he struggles to make sense of whatd just happened in front of him a moment ago, lingering on the chair, which Samuel is pretty sure it had not been there when he had gone to bed.

This has to be a dream.

Liam had gone missing almost two months ago, now that he thought about it, and maybe this was just his mind trying to find a way to give him a fantasy that could save a Liam whod probably been shot and thrown in a dumpster by someone who didn want a badge on their turf.

Samuels eyes settle on his bedroom door, and he blinks. Golden sunlight shines beyond, where Samuels upstairs hallway should have been.

Rolling fields of purple and white flowers stretch out to the horizon, dotted by towering, blue-leaved oaks.

Strange birds fly through the sky, and as Samuel walks in a daze to the door and opens it and looks up into the sky, he sees that the blue sky is streaked with striking, golden clouds.

Stranger than any of this, though, is that beyond the clouds, high in the sky, a pair of brilliant, white suns shine.

Well, that explains what shed meant by my world!


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